Interference, music & audio production

Ideas & sounds

clavier Interference is a music and audio production label based in Paris, France, and Shanghai, China.

Interference creates soundtracks and audio design, giving major brands and TV channels the opportunity to take advantage of its unique “savoir faire”.
Our sharp music expertise and producing abilities allow us to imagine and give shape to unique sound ideas and musical solutions which constitute the best answers to our clients identification needs.

visage L’Oréal Lash Architect 4D/Director : JP Philippot With advertising agencies, we have years of experience in conceiving and producing commercials soundtracks.

In the middle of heavy and exhausting TV commercials sound streams, soundtracks we produce make the difference while breaking the indifference.

We know how to optimize the advertising message by obtaining the best lines cut and associating it with the strong emotion of the most pertinent and exclusive music.
Then the whole campaign finds itself entirely modified and boosted.

notes For a brand, we know how to imagine and produce a strong and pertinent sound identity, consistent with the brand’s image and perception, able to create into the desired target a real emotion for a specific products line.

We may also take charge of a brand’s entire music communication, starting from a complete sound chart to any kind of one-off operation with any musical industry’s celebrity.

TF1 Sept à Huit TF1 7 à 8/Director : Bruno Piney For TV channels, in association with design agencies, we create unique sound universes for broadcast design.

We know how to enhance TV channels identities by sculpting elegant sound bumpers in the middle of a dense and noisy broadcast stream.

Swarovski Swarovski Brand Site/Creation Select NY We also know how to create a sensorial experience with music and sound, for a website design, an art exhibition, a special event or the atmosphere of a particular place.

We have the ability to extend audio to a new dimension with the technology we use for specific podcasts or applications.

Overall our aim is to imagine and shape for you a unique audio concept, whatever media you’re willing to reach.